Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Freebits: Daisies Are Forever (Books We Love Ltd.)


April Heatherton, history teacher and volunteer firefighter, is determined to protect the land she holds dear, particularly the grave of an unknown pioneer woman who once trekked the Oregon Trail. Proposed logging operations are encroaching, and April soon finds herself organizing a local task force to try to stop them. Yet when April meets handsome Matt Spencer, son of the owner of Johnson Brothers Logging Company, she much reckon with her escalating attraction to him. Matt, one of a growing breed of displaced loggers, is also determined to fight for his beliefs - the right to make an honest living harvesting the timber. Can April and Matt overcome their differences? Or will their convictions forever keep them apart?

          It was nearly five. April hadn't slept all night. Wrapping her bathrobe around her, cinching the tie tightly, she padded down the hall.
            She needed to call Matt. Tell him she’d changed her mind about Wednesday morning. Even though she’d been counting on this opportunity to take him to the grave-site, she knew now she’d only be tempting fate by seeing him again.
            Last night, thank goodness, she’d had the good sense to call an abrupt halt to their kissing. What a romantic ninny she’d been. Hadn't she learned her lesson in love the first time when she’d so recklessly given her heart to Eric?  How close she’d come to making that same, fatal mistake again.
            But now it was time to get back on track. There was work to do. A lot of work. She needed to keep a clear head without images of Matt Spencer always haunting her, constantly reminding that every letter she wrote, every phone call she made, she’d be only widening the chasm that already existed between them.
            Her hands trembled as she begin punching in his number. She stopped mid-way, as her courage faltered. What if she awakened him from a sound sleep? No matter. Loggers were typically early risers anyway. Besides, all she’d have to do was talk quickly, get it over with and say good-bye.
            She lifted her cell phone again to continue calling. Yet her stomach twisted into a cold, tight knot, stopping her. She couldn't go through with it. No, she simply could not.

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  1. What a great sharing. I haven't yet read this book, but I must admit, after reading your post, it will find a place on my Kindle. Thanks for being part of Friday Freebits.

    1. If you do read it, Ginger, I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Oh lord, I live in a logging area and I know both sides of the argument all too well. Your paragraphs invite reading further.

    1. Rhobin, I wish I had known you when I was doing my research for the book!

  3. Another great excerpt. So many great stories and not enough time to read them all.

  4. I hear you, Kindle is bulging!