Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Trailer for The Fisherman's Daughter

I'm so happy this morning, I'm practically dancing off the ceiling!  Not only have I received two great reviews over the weekend, but my first book trailer has gone live.  It portrays The Fisherman's Daughter, a romantic suspense story, which can be found at Amazon:

To see the trailer on You Tube, please follow this link: 

The video was created by Cindy Bauer at Booksinsync/Cold Coffee, and I thank her for her time and talent.  I also thank my publisher Books We Love Ltd. for all their fine support in republishing The Fisherman's Daughter.

So what do you think about the video?  If you have specific comments, please leave a thought or two.  As for me, I think the music and photos so wonderfully portray the typical marine settings in the Pacific Northwest, plus the romantic thrust of the story.  To create this story, I drew upon vacations I took in the beautiful San Juan Islands, plus a rustic fishing lodge on an island near western Canada. One morning, while I was standing near the dock at the lodge, enjoying the peacefulness of the glittering sunlight against the water, a good-looking guy emerged from his sailboat and strode down the dock.  Because he was carrying a large towel, I assumed he was headed up to the lodge to use the showers that were provided for the guests staying in RVs.  And that also meant, I guessed, that he was living on his sailboat, at least temporarily.  At any rate, that one glimpse of him, plus the beauty and intrigue of the islands, were all it took to spark an idea for The Fisherman's Daughter.  And now I'm so pleased to share some of that wonderful ambiance with you!