Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My inspirational romance, A House Divided, is only 99 cents on Amazon for a few days.  Hurry while the promotion lasts!  http://www.amazon.com/A-House-Divided-Sydell-Voeller-ebook/dp/B008PN9ON

In Books We Love's A House Divided, Rebecca Lorenzo, the young widow of a Hollywood actor who was killed by a crazed fan, is struggling to raise their young daughter, Wendy. Rebecca is embittered that God allowed her precious husband to die. She has turned her back on Him. Rebecca and Wendy move from L.A. to Rebecca's hometown on the Oregon coast. Due to a miscommunication, Rebecca mistakenly believes she can buy a Victorian house there. She hopes to cocoon herself in the security of her "safe" hometown. Rebecca meets the handsome, enigmatic homeowner, Mark Simons, and learns of his plans to tear down the house. Mark, a psychiatrist, is attempting to raise money to build a halfway house on the property, and he is admittedly a workaholic. He believes this project is God's will for him. Mark refuses to budge when Rebecca approaches him about selling the house. As Rebecca and Mark struggle to battle their individual demons from the past, they also struggle to resist their growing love for each other. 

"Though he is a decade older than her, August and Rebecca met when he was filming in Freemont, Oregon, Winter Rose. They marry, move to Los Angeles, and have a daughter Wendy. However, their Hollywood love story ends tragically when a crazed fan kills August.

Rebecca returns to her hometown where her sister still lives. She wants to move into the Winter Rose where her memories with August are perfect; besides she can make some money leasing the place to Galaxy Productions that want to do a sequel there. However, owner Dr. Mark Simons plans to tear down the place and replace it with a halfway house for his patients. The psychiatrist believes this is God's command as a penance for him not being there for his mom when she committed suicide. While he seeks God's approval, she rejects God for allowing a bad thing to happen to a good person. Though they argue over the house and differ over God, they fall in love, but that seems not strong enough to form a relationship when their individual pasts haunt them." ~ Harriet Klausner #1 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER

Hot off the Kindle press! My reissue of Skateboard Blues. Check it out!

Now Available: Skateboard Blues by Sydell Voeller

Jessica Williams wishes she were anywhere other than her small town in Oregon. All the kids there are the same except for the few skateboarders her father cannot stand. Life is pretty dull for Jessica until Cam Easton moves into her neighborhood. But when Cam teaches Jessica how to skate, and her father runs for mayor of Preston, her involvement with the skaters poses a threat to her father's campaign. Can the skateboarders prove themselves worthy of the community's support? And most of all, can Jessica and Cam resolve their differences and discover the true meaning of love?  
"SKATEBOARD BLUES is a spirited young adult romance book that is sure to grasp any young teenage girl's attention. Ms. Voeller has captured the art of suspension, realistic dialog, as well as well-established characters. Her entertaining story teaches the reader the responsibilities that teenager's have regarding family, friends, the law, and themselves." ~ Review by Jennifer LB Leese, A STORYWEAVER'S Book Reviews

"The best thing about this book was the characters. They acted like themselves all the time; their emotions, their speech, the list goes on. Adults and young adults will like this one." ~ Mandy Ramaglia, age 10 

"MOM'S NOTE: I found the story charming and believable, reminding me of a favorite movie from my own teen years-a 2000 version of FOOTLOOSE, with skateboarding exchanged for dancing. Your daughters will enjoy this, mine did, and with all the skateboarding and such, the boys just might like it too, despite the 'mushy girl/boy stuff'." ~ 4-1/2 Stars! ~ Scribes World Reviews

"SKATEBOARD BLUES is a story of young love, believing in oneself and others. There is teenage angst and joy sprinkled throughout. The characters are believable in their struggle to get the community to listen to them. The reader comes away knowing that anything is possible when people listen to each other and work together. Sydell Voeller's SKATEBOARD BLUES is an uplifting story and one I would highly recommend for young readers!" ~ Carol Durfee, Romance Communications

"Skateboard Blues shows how kids can overcome adult biases. The romantic relationship between Jessica and Cam gets a little shaky at times, due to a misunderstanding, which adds suspense and realism to the book." ~ Review by Elle, Young Adult Books Central

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sandcastles of Love (young adult) now on sale!

SANDCASTLES OF LOVE (kindle edition). Only 99 cents for a limited time!  A fun-filled teen read...


When Logan Becker’s family embarks on a summer “house swapping” vacation in a beach town in Oregon, Logan is overjoyed. Similarly, Tricia Merrit, the daughter of the other family, is thrilled to be in the farm belt of Minnesota.

Logan falls in love with the beach boy surfer of her dreams, but soon she discovers he’s Tricia’s boyfriend. Logan’s dreams are shattered. Meanwhile, there’s another boy who is attracted to Logan—the totally uncool Grant Duncan who is busy trying to launch a campaign to clean the local beaches. Can Logan come to realize that true love often reveals itself in unexpected ways?

Review Snippets:

“A wonderful story of a summer romance with interesting twists and turns...” Reviewed by Michelle Poulson-vick at Sharpwriter Reviews 

“Ms. Voeller’s talent is superb, and I was impressed with her ability to write as if she were the actual teenager in the book. Sandcastles of Love is a light-hearted young adult romance that’s attention grabbing, well-written, and charming.” Reviewed by JB Leese, A Story Weaver

"Charming story of young love and summer romances. Perfect for a lazy day in the sun." Judith Pittman

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Heart Leads Home is Live Today on Awesome Romance Novels Blog!


The Heart Leads Home by Sydell Voeller #Inspirational #Romance @SydellVoeller

Going Home Is Never Easy

Sarah Pendleton feels duty-bound as she returns to her hometown of Mistletoe Valley—and to her conflicted past. While growing up in the small, rural community, Sarah lived with her grandparents who served their community well, especially her grandfather, a pastor. Yet Sarah despised being the “perfect preacher’s kid” in a town where everyone knew everyone else’s business. Rebelliousness caused her to make some tragic mistakes.

Now a decade later, Sarah is the sole inheritor of her grandparents’ estate. She must decide whether to sell the property, or make the painful choice of staying in a town where folks remember her awful past.

Real estate agent Rich Stevens volunteers as a youth pastor at the church where her grandfather served. Sarah's attraction to Rich is immediate and powerful, but she’s faced with not one, but two prickly thorns: He is a grieving widower, and his 8-year-old daughter is grieving too. Rich believes there can never be another woman in his life, and he's determined to raise his daughter alone.

Join Sarah and Rich on their emotional journey to overcome their personal demons and find a lasting commitment. If they refuse to give up, maybe they'll find their forever family.

What readers are saying:

"…a touching and warm love story with the promise of a happy ever after that wraps around you like a warm hug." ~An Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

"Loved the story of people who have problems and working it out with prayer." ~An Amazon Reviewer

"Warm-hearted portrayal of the need for second chances." ~An Amazon Reviewer

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