Saturday, April 16, 2016

5 Star Review on Readers'Favorite

Love on a High Wire, published by BWL Publishing, Inc.

Reviewed by  for Readers' Favorite

Love on a High Wire is a romance novella written by Sydell Voeller. Seventeen-year-old Marcie Reynolds is a Veterinary Assistant living in Lahoma, Washington. After accompanying veterinarian Dr Hanslowe to the local circus where a performing horse, Bombay, has been injured, Marcie notices a very handsome teenager, Ivan Sebarian, in attendance, helping his father to stem the flow of blood until help arrived. After patching up the injured horse, Marcie looks around and notices that Ivan had gone. At the news that a blaze had broken out at the circus, Marcie returns and sees three horses fleeing in a panic. Both Ivan and Marcie catch and return the horses to safety, resulting in her mother’s scorn at her being late home and hanging around with circus types. Not happy with Marcie’s dreams of working with animals, her mother constantly tries to bully her into applying to the same music school as her sister, Jan, which Marcie refuses to do. Before the circus is due to leave town, Marcie and Ivan go on a date, where he agrees to escort her to the school dance. Little does Marcie know that the school dance is about to change her life forever.

As a former Veterinary Technician, I was impressed by the detail given by Sydell Voeller when writing about the various different types of surgeries and emergencies which took place, both at the clinic and in the field. The instant attraction between Ivan and Marcie was clearly evident, and their love of animals was a bonding magnetic force between them. Marcie’s mother’s constant parental pressure, trying to force her daughter into an unwanted career, steering Marcie away from her dreams while stereotyping people who work in the circus, was rather frustrating. Almost all of the characters in Love on a High Wire were fascinating and likeable. I was able to see the story through Marcie’s eyes and the unexpected ending left me with a smile. Love on a High Wire not only teaches you to follow your life’s dreams, but also to follow your heart. I recommend this book to young adults as well as those who are young at heart.