Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Freebits Excerpt from Skateboard Blues

Excerpt from my latest release, SKATEBOARD BLUES, by BWL Publishing, Inc.

"Ou-whee-ouch!" I yelped. I blinked hard, wondering why it never occurred to me that cement was so hard. Thank goodness, I'd landed smack dab on my bottom where I had a little cushioning. The thrashed-up skateboard Cam had loaned me lay upside down about three feet away, wheels spinning. Now that Saturday had arrived and there was no one around Preston High, Cam agreed to let me join him and his skating buddies there.

"Hold on, Jessie! I'm coming," Cam called. He'd been leaning against one of the pillars in the school courtyard, watching my progress.

I groped to stand up. Feeling like a klutz, I vowed out loud, "I'll learn to do it—even if it takes me a hundred years." I looked down at the palms of my hands. They smarted from where I'd caught myself on the pavement, and one of them was bleeding. I remembered thinking when I was a little girl that every time I skinned my knee, I was being punished for something bad I'd done. Though I'd long outgrown that idea, I reflected guiltily about my leaving the house with Cam that morning and telling my parents he was going to teach me to skate. Actually, they were nicer about it than I'd expected, but I knew beneath their even expressions, they wondered what had come over me.

Cam clasped my shoulders, his gaze meeting mine. "Are you okay?"

"Sure. But you never told me skating was like this," I grumbled, shivering against the autumn chill. Shakily, I dusted off my jeans and shrugged. The blood was starting to trickle down my wrist.

"Let me look at your hand," he said. "It's nothing that a little Bactine won't take care of." He pulled out a wad of Kleenex from his back pocket and then took my hand in his. As he dabbed at my abrasion, I wanted to melt. So far, it was the closest we'd come to holding hands. Suddenly I no longer felt the pain.

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  1. I think someone has a crush! ;) Love your six and it totally jerked me back in time to my teens, remembering all too well those feelings when around a boy I liked.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Taryn. That's why I love writing young adult. It's fun to roll back the years and remember all those feelings.

  3. My son was a skateboarder. At the time I remember him coming home with all types of bruises and cuts. Now he's a snowboarder. Interesting take with a girl skateboarder. I know today's girls are invading the 'boy' sports, so they should love this story.

    1. Hi Rhobin,

      My son went from skateboarding to snowboarding too! And yes, I remember the bumps and bruise. I do hope the girls who are into skating enjoy this story. Thanks for leaving your comment!