Monday, November 19, 2012

Many of you may have read awhile ago about when Avalon Books was bought up by Amazon, along with Dorchester Publishing and a few others as well.  Well, now the impact of that change has struck close to home.  As a former Avalon author, I now have one of possible two books that will be re-released in new, more affordable formats.  Starting tomorrow, November 20, Star Light, Star Bright will be available in paperback and electronic downloads. I'm really excited to see one of my favorite books spring to life again, especially with the excellent potential of an increased readership! There are so many romance readers, I'm sure, who would love to share Chyenna and Blair's heart-throbbing story...So if you enjoy the open prairie skies, cattle ranching, cowboy poetry, stargazing, and a feisty heroine who is "on a mission," I know you'll love this story. 
Book Overview:
When Chyenna Dupres and her young daughter move from Portland, Oregon, to the small town of Prairie Valley, Chyenna leases a historic inn there. She plans to turn the inn into an upscale eatery, despite strong resistance from some of the locals. Her most vocal objector is cattle rancher Blair Westerman, who has relocated from L.A. to protect his own daughter from the "evils" of city life. Moreover, he is determined to guard Prairie Valley from outside influences, especially tourists who might decide to stay.

From the moment they first meet, Chyenna and Blair can't seem to leave each other alone. They get under each other's skin, and race through each other's thoughts. Their opposing goals for Prairie Valley and their push-pull feelings for each other keep tensions high--especially when their match-making daughters become close friends and decide to run away together.

Chyenna and Blair may have acted like children, but now it's time to come together for the good of their own children, and realize just how far apart they've let their differences push them.

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