Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello, happy Friday!  Our weather has cooled down from the 90s to a mere 62 degrees and there are gray skies overhead.  So much more typical of fall weather in western Oregon!  I took advantage of the cooler temps to can applesauce yesterday.  I ended up with enough for a cannerful--after I'd cut out all the wormy parts, of course!  Anyway, now I'm running a day late to share exciting news!  (If you knew me well, however, you'd indeed know that I'm often "a day late" in more ways than one.  LOL.)

So here's the news:  I've had the privilege of being a guest on Janet Lane Walter's website, and we've discussed "how I do it" when it comes to writing.  Check out the link below.  You'll find my interview listed for September 20.  Also on Saturday, the 22nd, Janet will showcase a sample chapter from one of my books.  Please join us on both days!

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