Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!  (I celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, so today is only day # 6 in my book.  The tree will probably stay up until Epiphany, January 6, if it remains safe to keep it this long.)  I hope your holidays were the best ever and you're getting off on the right start for this new year.  If you're like me, you don't make New Year's resolutions--although I do set a few "goals" for myself.  (Goals don't sound as intimidating as resolutions, right?)  My goal this year is to get refocused on my writing , despite the various health challenges I've experienced this past year.  I hope to have one of my former Avalon/Montlake Romance books republished this summer by my current publisher Books We Love Ltd, as well as to write more short stories for the True Rendition magazines that have published my work for several years.

Our snow came late this winter--December 27.  It was a very wet snow with the typical large, slow-falling flakes--a throwback to the weeks of gray skies and rain we'd been having prior to the 25th. It was lovely, but also a relief when it didn't stick to the highways, as we needed to take our East Coast family back to the airport for an all-night flight to North Carolina. The trip to and back from the airport  (about an hour's drive one-way) went smoothly as did our family's flight. Their only "adventure" occurred on the plane when my son's kitty, Mogwai, got out of her carry case--and my son didn't realize it although he was fully awake.  Apparently the cat had been runniing around on the dark plane until a passenger that was waiting to use the rest room spotted the Mogwai, captured her, and returned her to my son. Hats off to fellow passengers that care about our pets and are willing to lend a helping hand!

Our weather has finally turned for the better. Now we're enjoying blue skies, low temps in the 20s, and plenty of sunshine!  My patience for better weather has finally paid off, and I know I'll thoroughly enjoy the stretch of sunny days ahead.

For those of you experiencing storms and all kinds of inclement weather, I send my heartfelt best.  I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and sound. God bless...

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Salmon Fishing in the Pacific NW

Okay, I admit--I'm not much into blogging, but I realize I need to change that soon if I expect you to know me, other through strictly via my books. But today I have a blog written by my son, who is a college Literature prof on the East coast. He's coming home for two days of fall fishing with his dad and brother--the first time they've fished together for  two-and-a-half decades. The layers of insight and sentiment that shape this blog delve deeply, and I'm proud to share it with you. This is just one of the small joys we reap as parents, especially when our kids are no longer kids anymore:

Growing up in western Oregon, an hour from the coast, I grew up salmon fishing with my dad in the fall. As Norman Maclean argued in "A River Runs Through It" about fly-fishing in Montana, for some Northwesterners, salmon fishing is akin to religion, or, at least, a deep spirituality. As each autumn came, and the leaves turned, and the light slanted, and the air grew cool and crisp and smelled of woodsmoke, I looked forward to our trips. As a young child, I hardly slept the night before. Going salmon fishing was like Christmas. Except, Christmas was about toys for me as a kid, and I never really cared whether we got any salmon or not. For me, it was more about waking when it was still dark, eating a hurried breakfast, loading the car, driving across the coastal mountains to the beach in the dark, the fog and mist hanging against the Douglas firs dotting the narrow road all along the way, the seeing of an elk cross the road, stopping at the lone country store--brightly lit in the darkness--to buy sand shrimp as bait, the putting in of the boat in the river while still dark, hearing the other fishermen chat about yesterday's catch, smelling the cattle in the nearby pastures, getting to eat a Snickers bar as a treat for an early morning snack. It was about the smell of my dad's black coffee in his thermos. It was really about family--first, my dad and me; later, my younger brother--and Oregon and adventure. If we caught a salmon or two, or more, that was certainly exciting--really, a thrill. And once, when I was around 9th grade, I caught my biggest salmon ever--about 48 pounds--and it almost pulled me into the river. (The hard part always for me was to accept that the salmon had to die if we were to keep it. ) But, it was always about these other things first. We did this from the time I was a kid until well into my undergraduate years. I haven't been salmon fishing with my dad and brother since 1999, probably. I miss that. So, for fall break, I decided to buy an airline ticket to fly 3,000 miles to Oregon to go salmon fishing with my dad and brother. We'll go two days in a row, and I'm looking forward to it. It will be a very fast trip, as I'll return Sunday morning in time to teach again Monday morning. I think it might be crazy, on one hand, to spend the money and fly this far for fishing. But, this has always meant something to me. Maybe it is religion or spirituality. So, it's worth it. See you soon, Mom, Dad, and Nate.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Fall Raffle Begins!

Fall raffle time! Two free stories written by Yours Truly and published by Books We Love, Ltd.

In an earlier post, I asked for reader preferences--adult (sweet) contemporary romances or clean teen romances. Since I received indications for both, I've decided to offer one from each category. Those of you that left a comment last time already have your name in the raffle, so there's no need to list your name here too.

But for the rest of my readers, there's still time to enter! Just add your name to the comments section of this post, and you'll be in! The winner will be announced this coming Monday, October 5 around 5 PM. So be watching--and good luck!  (Remember these are e-books, but I'll send them in PDF format, so the stories should be readable from any computer.)

The teen book:  Love on a High Wire
The adult book:  The Heart Leads Home

Monday, September 28, 2015

E Book Give-away

Hi Everyone!

I'm planning to sponsor an e-book give-away contest in the coming week or so. But first I need to know how I can serve you best. As some of my followers know, I have books for both teens and adults in the markets. If you were to win a book, which category would interest you the most? For instance, while many of my followers are adults, I'm sure a portion of you have teenagers and/or teen grandchildren in your family. Would you prefer an adult traditional romance for yourself or a squeaky clean book for your teen? Please leave your suggestions for me in the comments section. And do stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Today I'm happy to be a guest on Cheryl Cooke Harrington's blog/website. We have fun talking about writing and cats! Please join us.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Fisherman's Daughter 99 cent sale at new markets!

The Fisherman's Daughter, published by Books We Love, Ltd., is now on sale for only 99 cents. Hurry while the sale lasts! You can now buy the download in a variety of platforms at a number of vendors. In addition to AMAZON, check out the offerings on


Barnes & Noble (Nook)

All Romance ebooks

More good news: while the sale price will only remain in place for a few weeks, you'll be able to continue ordering my books via these new markets. This is especially a plus for those who use non-kindle reading devices such as Nook.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hot off the e-book presses today!  LOVE ON A HIGH WIRE,  formerly MERRY CHRISTMAS, MARCIE, by Books We Love, Ltd  Young Adult Romance that sizzles with tension.  Thanks to Michelle Lee for the fabulous new cover and Books We Love, Ltd. for making this new edition happen!  

Amazon Kindle e-book:

(See Book section for complete listing of additional vendor sites)

Marcie's attraction to Ivan sparked the very moment they met. But they lived in totally different worlds. She was a local high school student leading an everyday life and working after school for the local veterinarian. He was a dashing trapeze artist traveling with his circus family, and he would soon be back on tour.

Was it only a fleeting romance? A romance that would vanish the moment Ivan left town? Had he fallen for her, or would he always remain an elusive dream? 


Format:Kindle Edition
Face it, at some point we all love a sweet romance. Remember being a teen and noticing boys? One boy would stick out and you get all gushy inside, imagining being boyfriend and girlfriend? I don’t know about you, but just imagining some boy acknowledging me was pretty heady stuff. Why not let that innocent time come alive again for your teen? Sydell Voeller’s Love on a High Wire is a trip through young innocence and first love that will warm your heart while being “clean” enough to share the mystery of romance with a young teen.

Marcie is a young woman to be proud of; she is smart, responsible, talented and caring. While helping the local Vet with a sick circus animal, she meets Ivan, a young circus performer who is part of his family’s act. Quiet, reserved and from a background as different as night and day from Marcie’s, there is something about Ivan that is special, something that draws her to him. A crush? Infatuation with someone who will be a memory when the circus moves on? Or could these two teens have that special connection that could last a lifetime? Who knows, for Marcie, this is a fantasy boy come to life. For Ivan, it’s a chance to feel like a normal teen, if only for a while.

Because Sydell Voeller wrote it, you can be assured that there will be no surprises or overly mature scenes for a young teen, as she paints a wonderful picture of young love still filled with the innocence of youth. Marcie is a great role model and Ivan’s only claim t being the proverbial “badboy” is his family’s transient lifestyle, which far from being bad, makes him like a fantasy or a daydream.
  • I’m seriously thinking this would make a perfect gift of reading for young teens on up! Even MY mom would approve of this one!