Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Well, we've had our first taste of spring this past week here in Oregon when our weather transitioned from constant rain to heat as high as 90 degrees and then slightly lower (but not much!) on subsequent days. Now we're back to gray skies again--but only temporarily. More consistent warm weather is on its way! That means many of us will move from the cozy comfort of our favorite reading chair by the fireplace to a lazy-day hammock where we love to read beneath the shade of a pink-blossomed apple tree.  Books are so transportable!

But for those of us who love flowers, moving outdoors can also mean the chance to feel the warm soil sift through our fingers once again and to get started planting our gardens. And today, just by chance, I've happened across an opportunity for a delightful bonus, and I'd like to share it with you.

To enter a $100 Giveaway for a Visa gift card, visit the Stone Gable blog site and learn how! You'll also learn how to plant choose and plant your favorite perennials appropriate for your area. Good luck to us all! Meanwhile, enjoy the blog site. This is one of my my favorite non-reading, non-writing site that helps spark my creativity, whether it involves creating stories or creating a beautiful home and yard.

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